Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wildlife Expo!

Today was a GREAT day! I started the day with a quick trip to the library book sale. I picked up several great history books on ancient civilizations to go along with our study of the ancients this year. I found a couple of books on Egypt and Mummies, a few on Greece, and a copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh! We just talked about that story, and now we can read the full version. I came home with a box full of books for only $12!

Next we headed off to the Wildlife Expo, but we passed a few garage sales on the way. I picked up a few more history books and the last in a science series we are using (normally $70 - I paid $20!). The kids found a few toys as well. It was a great day for shopping!

Finally! We made it to the Lazy E Arena and this is what we did:

The kids had to go back and shoot a second time. Jonathan popped the balloon and won a back pack for the kids.

 Learning to cast a fishing line! Lilly hit the target the first few times. (With a little help.)

 Digging for bugs in compost....worms, sow bugs, and much, much more.
Yes...they are petting a skunk!! Don't worry, it can't spray!

Studying the fish of Oklahoma.

The point is to knock the head off the geese.
Look at that action shot of Lilly!
Giant paddlefish - this one was about 10 years old and 30 pounds. 
They can be up to 135 pounds. The kids both touched it, but there was a string attached to the mouth and the attendant moved it when people touched the fish. Lilly jumped back a few feet!

And she was done!

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