Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Incredible Edible Cell!

Currently, we are studying a chapter on cells in Biology. I wanted a fun way to go over the parts of the cell. Today during our "school time" we learned about the parts and their jobs; then we made a cell for desert! YUMMY!! We had some fun!

Coloring the Cytoplasm!

Adding some Ribosomes!

 We made the cell wall out of black icing; the cytoplasm out of icing with orange sprinkles; the nucleus is black icing, purple sprinkles, and a chocolate chip; the yellow icing stripes are the golgi bodies; the marshmallows are mitochondria; and finally - Red Hots for the ribosomes! Aidan, Lilly, and their cousin Ezra had fun decorating and learning what all the parts were called!
Enjoying the yummy cell!


  1. Thank you for posting this! I am doing cells with my co-op class this week. I was going to do the ever-popular jello cell, but have been dreading it. This looks much easier (and tastier)!